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A good salad is no joke. At Bife, we are well aware of that, and that is why we'd only consider using salads that grew on a nearby field. These salads are then delivered daily from our local farmers’ market right here in Ljubljana. Other ingredients are no different – we carefully select each and every one and prepare them with love. If you were to visit us early in the morning, you’d meet a diverse bunch of our regular suppliers. They help us ensure the most fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. We carefully prepare all the elements of our salads ourselves - from roasting our almonds to blending creamy dressings – all this to make sure your salad is as juicy as can be. In addition to our juicy salads, you can pick yourself up with a nice cup of chicken broth or vegetable broth with algae. We haven’t forgotten about those who like it sweet – our delicate chocolate chip cookies will please even the most demanding sweet-tooth. Since we care for the environment we’ve chosen our bowls and cutlery to be biodegradable. And another thing that is special about us – we’ve opted for the elegant, quick and easy – cashless service.

The salad comes from the farmers market salad vendors.

Don’t worry, the greens were grown on a nearby patch.

The packaging is environmentally friendly.

We are making an effort, so our packaging and cutlery are mostly biodegradable.

We are a cashless business.

Pay with cards – simple, quick and more elegant.

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